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ProgenCell Stem Cell Treatment Center

New ProgenCell Stem Cell Treatment Center to open this Summer

ProgenCell Stem Cell Treatment Center

After years of planning, design and construction, the new ProgenCell Stem Cell Treatment Center will officially open its doors to patients in the Summer of 2020. Current and future patients can get a sneak peek inside, in the following Quick Video Tour, hosted by our CEO: Elías Bemarás.

We are thrilled that our vision of expanding stem cell treatment center has come to fruition,” said Elias Bemarás. “The new ProgenCell facilities are one of its kind, and part of a unique Medical Tourism Complex. As part of this complex, ProgenCell will be able to offer an All in House and All Inclusive medical tourism experience, without comprimising the affordability and effectiveness in stem cell therapies that have distinguished us over the last 12 years.”

To learn more about ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies, its current and near future facilities and/or Stem Cell Treatment Contact Us at 1 (888) 443 6235 or

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