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Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy

Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy

ProgenCell offers a Stem Cell Anti Aging Protocol that covers everything you need to make you feel and look healthier. We offer a comprehensive program developed by a multidisciplinary group of doctors and scientists that have been working in regenerative medicine for more than 20 years.

“This protocol has been developed thanks to the information we have been able to compile, analyze and research, allowing us to determine the dosage of the vitamins. Hormones and nutrients administered according to each patient’s condition. ProgenCell’s stem cell research center has an in-house laboratory and adjacent medical facility, which not only sets us apart as an institution, it also gives us the scientific platform to upgrade our protocols”  – Dr. Jorge Luis Gaviño ProgenCell’s Medical Director.

The Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatment Protocol is performed administering stem cells intravenously with a previous and strict regimen of multivitamins, minerals, sometimes hormones and a subsequent nutritional IV and vitamin support.

Why is it called the Anti Aging Protocol?

Our Anti Aging Program covers five different areas:

  • Healthy Aging Therapy.
  • Skin Enhancement.
  • Nutritional Supplement.
  • Hormonal Control.
  • Detox Therapy.

The combination of these factors have shown great results to rejuvenate, delay cellular aging and make you look and feel healthier. Also, you will experience a substantial boost in your daily activities such as a better quality of sleep, increased ability to concentrate, more energy throughout your day and overall improvement in your quality of life.

Do your cells age or get old?

The straight answer is yes. Let us explain why, as humans we have to complete a life cycle and cells also complete this cycle. Cells are born, they grow and develop a function and it gets to a point where it decreases its energy until it dies. Stem cell therapy is not intended to make these cells immortal because this process is inevitable, but it’s meant to prolong the cycle meaning that cells will have a longer life. Back in 1990 life expectancy was around 45 years old, nowadays it’s average of 82 years old, Why? Because cells have a much longer life expectancy.

What sources of Stem Cells are used for the protocol?

Stem Cell Anti Aging Protocol is possible with both autologous and allogeneic stem cells. Autologous stem cells are directly obtained from the bone marrow of the patient, this is done through a minimal invasive procedure with local anesthesia, after the sample has been taken it will be administered intravenously, keep in mind that by using this source you will not only be receiving stem cells but the additional nutrients and stimulating growth factors that come from the bone marrow which may give additional benefit to the protocol. However, Allogeneic stem cells are also an option for this type of protocol, some sources may be umbilical cord or placenta. These are mesenchymal allogenic stem cells which have the advantage of being readily available avoiding the bone marrow aspiration process. Mesenchymal Stem cells have an immune regulatory factor when infused, therefore the chances of rejection are minimal, they help on autoimmune conditions. Exosomes are a really good option to complement your allogeneic stem cell protocol since they help to intensify the strength of the cells.

Is there a benefit from Stem Cell Therapy for Aging?

Yes, the Healthy Aging Therapy has an internal strong revitalizing effect that will reverse your internal organs signs of aging while strengthening your metabolic, neurological and immune system. The stem cell beneficial effects will show greater efficiency in the function of the liver, kidney, lung, and heart. In most cases the patient experiences an increase in vitality, as it begins to regenerate organs that have begun the process of metabolic deterioration.

On the other hand, skin is one of the main concerns when aging that’s why this protocol has you covered. Skin enhancement has the intention of improving this organism, as a result of this stem cell protocol the skin shows a better appearance, which leads to more strength and resistance to aging. This happens because there is a boost in the production of collagen and also because the body improves the ability to eliminate certain toxins which helps to maintain a more youthful look. Skin enhancement also has better results when the anti aging protocol is complemented with an enriched PRP procedure. Enriched PRP, refers to the process of injecting below the surface of the skin Platelets Rich Plasma combined with Stem Cells or Exosomes using a microneedle system, the application is usually in the facial area.

Another benefit is Hormonal Control which is intended to strengthen and balance your glandular system specifically on cases like menopause.Stem cells offer an improvement and stability of hormone levels but they do not replace them. Some patients may require an additional hormone supplement when there is a deficit or off-balance. The production and secretion of hormones are not visible, but its effects are clearly present. If any of the glands comes into unbalance, the rest of them get also affected, and chronic fatigue often reflects this imbalance. If required by a doctor, a series of hormone panel tests are performed. With these tests, doctors prepared a series of injectable hormones based on your requirements to help your entire system to preserve the internal organs, stabilize hormone secretion and get the benefits of having a complete hormone therapy.

Complementary Nutritional Supplement is handled from two different angles along the Anti Aging Protocol: internal and external. The first angle is a vitamin and mineral infusion based not only on your medical evaluation but on a genetic, hereditary and personal review in order to stabilize the levels that may be out of range or may be prone to affection. For the second angle, we will make an assessment about your habits and conditions to provide the necessary supplements to enrich your needs based on your lifestyle and complemented along with suggested diet adjustments if necessary.

Another important factor is our Detox Therapy which is aimed to help reduce heavy metals in your body and increase an alkaline environment. Detox is an important factor because it affects the oxidation of the body and therefore premature aging. This therapy is intended to remove toxic elements that harm the body and fasten aging, by eliminating this there is an increase in the production of antioxidants which improves your overall health.

Is a Stem Cell treatment enough to fight against aging?

A Stem Cell Treatment helps in the long run to avoid aging prematurely but let’s not forget that there are additional things that may affect your desired results like bad habits; such as smoking and excessive drinking. It’s important to commit to improving your health and lifestyle through exercise, having a proper diet, drinking water, etc. in order to achieve your goal.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this protocol?

The process of becoming a ProgenCell Patient for Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy Protocol starts with a free virtual consultation with a Regenerative Medicine Scientific Liaison who will guide you through the process and establish a health route map.Then, your case is evaluated by our doctors at the Medical Committee this way if there is any adjustment that needs to be done to your specific protocol we notify you the suggested treatment change. After the evaluation is complete, we work to provide a quote for you, once the agreement has been done and an appointment for treatment has been set, a patient concierge works with each international patient on travel logistics, to live the full ProgenCell Experience.

If you would like to receive more information about ProgenCell’s Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy Program, you can contact 1 (888) 443 6235 or send an email to

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