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Tijuana is a pleasant surprise.

Tijuana is a pleasant surprise, viktordimas, stem cells, Tijuana, ProgenCell

I am very grateful to ProgenCell for giving me back the full use of my leg. About five years ago I fractured my kneecap playing volleyball in college. My orthopedic surgeon wanted to operate but he couldn’t guarantee success and even mentioned that there was a big chance that things would come out even worse than before, so I decided to let my knee heal on its own.

This has meant five years of pain and reduced mobility. During one of my periodic consultations with the orthopedic surgeon, he mentioned having read some reports in the international journals where stem cells had been used successfully. That made me curious and I started looking around the Internet to see what’s available.

What I found was confusing at first and sounded contradictory. So many kinds of stem cells and used in so many different ways! Some of the clinics that I contacted wouldn’t even give me the details of their treatments. Then a friend told me about ProgenCell and I was pleasantly surprised to learn how close they are to my home. I was able to visit them before deciding, and that helped me a lot.

My first visit to Tijuana was a real eye-opener. Not only has it become famous for stem cells, thanks to Bart Starr’s story, but it is also a very nice place to walk around. I felt safer there than I do at home. Returning home was a breeze because ProgenCell gave me a pass to a restricted car lane just for medical tourists.

I had my first treatment a couple of months ago. It took only an hour or so, which gave me plenty of free time to visit Tijuana’s colorful open-air market, its Cultural Center, and some really great restaurants. I was even able to visit an English-speaking dentist who charged me a fourth of what I would pay back home. This is not the city I used to hear about on television! My visits have been relaxing, rewarding and very interesting.

My stem cell treatment didn’t make me feel like a different person right away. My doctors told me to expect that it would take some time for the cells to work their magic. The improvement was gradual but there seems to be more movement in my knee and I’ve noticed recently that I’m not refilling my pain prescription as often as I used to. ProgenCell’s solution has been like a miracle. Thank you so much, ProgenCell. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Sandra R.

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