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Certifications and Awards

ProgenCell, a Stem Cell Therapy Clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico, has received The Gold Certification Award.
This important milestone was achieved by means of a process that involved an evaluation of conformity to strict guidelines, plus the activation of a quality system.
The certificate, which is granted by the International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS) based in Florida, USA, recognizes the high level of quality of the medical establishment and covers all activities related to patient care. “ProgenCell has been visited and audited; they have proven to operate as a trusted facility. We have meet their medical staff, administrative personal, reviewed official credentials and licenses, documentation control, adverse reactions policy, and all other pertinent records. We are proud to add ProgenCell as another member of IBMS”, affirmed Dr. David Kalin, Executive Director for IBMS.
The application of the quality system creates the highest possible standards of customer service as well as medical operations. For patients, this translates into a trusted medical team where they can be assured treatment will be provided in a clean surgical room; that sterile material is being used; that they will receive treatment from a fully licensed professional center.
ProgenCell has been following a policy of voluntary certification with several local, national and international organizations. “ProgenCell has always given top priority to quality and professionalism, considering these values and always focusing on improving quality of life for all our patients”, affirmed Elias Bemaras, CEO and Director of ProgenCell.
The Company’s commitment to safety, efficacy, ethics and top customer service has grown over the years, in line with an evolution of innovative medical procedures.
These goals have required choices that demand a great commitment of resources and effort, but they have set an example of social responsibility.

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