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Direct knee stem cell injection

Direct Stem Cell InjectionKnee injuries are a common condition, recent studies have found that in the United States,  one third of all doctor’s visits are due to muscle or knee pain, this condition is caused mostly on athletes because of overuse, injuries or previous accidents.

Usually, these kind of injuries are treated through regular surgery, and most of the times the recovery is painful. The patient enjoys the benefits in the short term while on the long term, the pain comes back and the condition becomes worse than it was before.  Depending on the damage degree of the injury, sometimes there are no options to surgery, but other times there is stem cell therapy as an alternative.

It is hard to get full recovery through traditional surgery because the knee is a complex and fragile joint, regeneration of the cartilage involved are almost null since they don’t have any nutrition source (no blood feeds the cartilage). That is the main reason we recommend Stem Cells. The direct Knee Stem Cell injection is a regenerative method that nurture the cartilage with stimulant factors, growth factors and most important special cells, with the capacity of duplication and differentiation into cartilage. As a low invasive and autologous procedure, which means the infused stem cells come from your own bone marrow – avoiding any complications like tissue rejection or risk of infection from a third party- this can be  a better, faster and long term solution to your problem (compared to other techniques such as surgery or PRP). We recommend performing this direct injection for a couple or three times during a year to maximize results of the treatment.

The benefits of stem cell knee injection appear within 8 weeks, since patients  report knee pain being gradually reduced, more flexibility, and ease on their daily chores.  No side effects (only skin redness and temporary inflammation that disappear in  a few days). In the long run, patients can avoid knee replacement in best cases,  and pushing knee replacement for a few years on worst cases.

Price is also an important factor, being a fraction of a surgery cost is worth to explore direct knee stem cell therapy. Please contact us here to evaluate your case, see your X-rays and receive a free quotation.

ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies offers knee injections of Stem Cells, or Platelet Rich Plasma to treat knee arthritis and injuries, including meniscus tears and torn ACL. ProgenCell’s non surgical alternatives uses your own cells to regenerate cartilage, and relieve pain from arthritis.

We offer different alternatives to knee arthritis, including direct knee stem cell injections and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP).

Stem Cell Direct Knee Injection

We use bone marrow derived stem cells extracted from your hip, and immediately processed, and concentrated in our lab. Then they are injected into the osteoarthritic knee joint by a board certified orthopaedic surgeon.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or PRP Infiltration uses the same principle as Stem Cell Injections: using your body’s own healing power to promote relieve joint pain and osteoarthritis symptoms. PRP is created from a sample of your own blood that is processed to remove nearly all white and red blood cells. This injectable platelet concentrate contains growth factors that stimulate the presence of stem cells that  repair and rebuild the damaged tissue.

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