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Stem Cell Therapies at ProgenCell?


ProgenCell is a clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico, which offers stem cell treatments with effective results.

Based on the potential of bone marrow or adipose derived stem cells from the same person (autologous adult stem cells); these cells regenerate damaged tissue, increases efficiency of internal organs, and brings balance to the immune system, resulting in a customized cellular therapy for each patient.

Along with a professional staff, state of the art facilities and exceptional service, we offer the opportunity to improve your medical condition by tissue regeneration at cellular levels.

The use of stem cells directly from the patient, eliminates the risk of rejection and avoids negative side effects, making this therapy completely safe. It cannot make your condition any worse, it can only improve it.

The therapeutic use of autologous stem cells can be applied to a wide range of conditions: from immune dysfunction to neurodegenerative diseases, as well as specific damaged organs like heart, or articulation injuries.

Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and for retinitis pigmentosa are the most common treatments. Not so far behind, knee problems, COPD, and heart problems are also a huge part of our patient base.

Medical Tourism in Tijuana

Medical Tourism is growing rapidly in Tijuana. ProgenCell is becoming more and more popular, being a great option for Stem Cell treatments because complies with all current government regulation and as a comprehensive provider takes care of every patient needs while being under the treatment.

From diagnostic, treatment, follow ups, medication up to travel logistics, transportation and even personal food requirements.

Always giving the extra mile to go over the expectation of patients and their families.
At ProgenCell, we encourage our patients to travel for their medical needs.

Thinking out of the box and moving out from their comfort zone gives, the patient a panoramic view and opens new paths and possibilities, therefore increasing the chances of better outcomes.

Many times, we face concerns from our patients about stem cells being the best option for their condition; they also tend to get anxious of traveling to another country and to another medical system.

Communication is a big factor; ProgenCell assigns a personal coordinator for each patient. This case manager will take the patient thru the process of gathering his medical records, evaluation of his specific case with the medical committee.

Explaining their advice, explaining the treatment suggested and coordinating a call with the proper medical doctor to answer any questions.


He will make sure the patient takes an informed decision and that feels comfortable with it. Then will guide to the process of scheduling, travel arrangements, personal needs, payment methods and providing an itinerary.

ProgenCell makes a big effort to deeply inform patients and their families in every way updating their website, posting testimonials into YouTube, being part of social networks, etc.

No matter what, patients are the priority. ProgenCell will go beyond to get the proper treatment for the patient. Getting the proper medication, culturing adipose stem cells, or even finding complementary treatments.

Follow up post-treatment

Follow up post-treatment is also very important of ProgenCell’s service. After providing a customized treatment, patient will not feel alone; ProgenCell continuously makes contact to review progress, answer any questions and the doctor will be always one phone call away.

Our services are groundbreaking, stem cell protocol authorizations are not easy to get and maintain in most countries of the world.

Having all the government permits and licenses to operate gives the patient a higher level of trust. Our quality assures our patients that they are getting a safe treatment, quality and sterile materials, equipment well maintained and calibrated, Staff well trained, etc.

We are the only clinic providing an autologous treatment combination of hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow and mesenchymal stem cells from cultured adipose tissue.

Because ProgenCell has it’s own facilities prices are very competitive, they’re incredible flexible to make it affordable.

All of the above makes ProgenCell a preferred clinic for patients from countries around the world such as USA, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Japan among others.

Early 2015 started to provide cryopreservation of cultured mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue, so patients can get, down the road, subsequent treatments without the need of an invasive intervention and with much higher stem cells count.

On the other hand, our Healthy-aging/anti-aging techniques are also evolving fast being more effective when combining stem cell technology with our 3-day proprietary IV infusions plan.
People shouldn’t be afraid of visiting Tijuana, or traveling to Mexico.

You have to consider that mass media is a business; and as in your hometown, news that sell are those ones that show criminal activity, exceptional events, traffic, fires, tsunamis, etc. As any city, Tijuana has good things and bad news, good and bad neighborhoods, good and bad restaurants, no matter where you are: Rome, Paris, Chicago or Tijuana, you always have to be careful when you travel and be mindful when taking decisions.

People get the wrong picture about Mexico by believing everything they see on the news and not considering all the good experiences many tourists had.

Tijuana has a huge positive side, great medical services, great hospitality, warm and caring people, very good food, safe streets, typical shopping and a privileged geographic location.

There is always research going on at ProgenCell, we are always looking for improved therapies for a better future of our patients.

Currently we are in the validation process of facial stem cells applications; we soon expect to provide a face-lift skin restoration program, with very little side effects and fast recovery with incredible long lasting anti-aging results.

Consider Stem cells as an complement therapy for you, keep in mind you are not just choosing improving your current condition, you are choosing an overall healthier body getting to a better quality of life for the years to come.

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