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Stem Cell Therapy and Diabetes Mellitus

Stem Cell Therapy and DiabetesInsulin is a hormone that facilitates the absorption of glucose from the blood. Once absorbed, this glucose can be used to provide energy to the body. In people with diabetes, this absorption does not occur. The result is a person who cannot regulate his own blood glucose.

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Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where the body either doesn’t produce its own insulin or doesn’t respond to the insulin that is being produced. This often happens because the patient’s pancreas, the organ responsible for insulin creation, does not function correctly.

This is the case when a patient has Type I diabetes, and the symptoms often become obvious during a patient’s childhood. In other cases, the body may have built up an insulin resistance over time due to obesity or poor diet; this is referred to as Type II diabetes and is more common in older adults.
When glucose stays in the blood, rather than being absorbed by the body, it can result in vascular and nerve problems. These complications can be serious and, if left unattended, become life-threatening.

Diabetes Treatments
Although managing diet and exercise is an important part of staying healthy for people with diabetes mellitus, the condition cannot be treated through diet alone. Most people suffering from diabetes mellitus must regulate it through careful blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections. For decades, this was the only option available for diabetes patients. More recently, however, a new opportunity has arisen utilizing stem cell research.

Stem cells are cells that have not yet become specialized to a specific body part. These cells take on the shape of the cells around them. This means that a stem cell transplant will enable those cells to grow into the role of whatever body part they’re implanted into. This in turn can knit together damaged tissue and help to regenerate body parts. In the case of diabetes patients, stem cells can be used to regrow a damaged pancreas and otherwise promote healing within the body.
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Stem cell therapy is still being researched, and this treatment is a long-term solution rather than a cure that will work overnight. It’s important to coordinate your treatment with your regular doctor to ensure that your health is managed. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in seeing whether this revolutionary treatment might be the right solution for you, contact us today for a consultation or fill out our case evaluation form to get started.

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