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Stem Cell Therapy Limitations

Stem Cell Therapy Limitations. Cell therapy is not a solution to all existing health problems.

Each person reacts differently; the main purpose of this procedure is to give tools to the body and create ideal conditions to generate damaged tissue by itself. Past experiences and procedures show a great improvement in the majority of patients while other patients may not show substantial improvement.

The outcome of any procedure depends on the participant’s particular body recovery capability.
Every participant’s body may react in a different way, therefore we cannot generalize a therapy and an outcome, the following is a short list of diseases on which we have obtained the best results.

There is no standard procedure for all patients. Nonetheless, below we have displayed conditions with the best results for improvement, based on our own clinical results. We are updating our list as new results and technology become available.

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There are 2 important limitations to stem cell therapy.

If stem cell production in the bone marrow is low, then the amount of cells harvested is limited causing a poor transfusion with a low number of cells. Even though cells have the chemical capacity to detect damaged tissue, there might be a physical obstruction (like a blocked artery) that will not allow these stem cells to “travel” to damaged areas. If the cause of the obstruction is not eradicated, there will be poor, slow, or no tissue regeneration.
The second obstacle is related to lack of medical knowledge in regards to cancer. Adding progenitor cells could have a possible negative effect in the body through an acceleration of tumor growth. Therefore, cell therapy for cancer conditions, nowadays, requires greater knowledge and studies. At this time our protocol is limited to diseases other than cancer.
Quality of stem cells is extremely important. Older patients have less capability for stem cell production in the bone marrow than younger patients. Patients older than 74 years have less probability of producing a high level of stem cells.

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