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Stem Cell Therapy Costs in Mexico and the US

Why go to Mexico for stem cell therapy?

 The Medical System in Mexico

Mexico is America’s most popular destination for medical tourism. According to Bancomext, the federal export credit agency, the state of Baja California alone receives 8 million medical tourists per year. There are many reasons for this – the most important is that Mexican medical personnel bring a warm, human dimension to their interactions with patients. In addition, the weather is excellent, and it borders the US which makes it an easy place to get to.

However, the biggest reason is cost.

For example, it costs between $20 and $40 dollars to have your teeth cleaned in Mexico. A root canal with porcelain crown runs about $500. An office visit to a family doctor costs $30 dollars while a consultation with a specialist varies between $50 and $115. Lab work and imaging are generally a third of the cost in the U.S. In some cases, patients save as much as 80% compared to what they would pay for the same services back home.

Stem Therapy Cost

It isn’t quite so easy to compare the costs of stem cell therapies because costs of these types of new therapies are not standardized yet. Protocols for stem cell therapy vary from clinic to clinic. A single visit can cost as little as $1,000 for protocols based on recycling the patient’s blood or as much as $25,000 for adipose protocols requiring liposuction and hospitalization.
At ProgenCell, protocols have been chosen to maximize efficiency – in other words, the greatest potential of improvement for the least cost. Our costs average less than half of others around the world.

ProgenCell is Certified by COFEPRIS

ProgenCell is fully authorized by COFEPRIS (Mexican FDA) to perform the stem cell protocol.

The answer is simple. You will find much better stem cell therapies in Mexico, and at much better prices, than you will find at home. We’re worth the trip.

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