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what are the benefits of stem cell preservation

What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Preservation?

what are the benefits of stem cell preservation

Advances in stem cell therapy are proving to be more beneficial than originally thought. As the number of patients using stem cell therapy to repair and rejuvenate their bodies increases, the need for stem cell preservation is on the rise. This leads to the question, “What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Preservation?”

What is Stem Cell Preservation?

Stem cell preservation, also referred to as stem cell banking, is a process of harvesting adult stem cells, umbilical cord blood, adipose tissue, or placenta. They are processed and stored in low temperatures of minus one hundred and forty degrees Celsius or cryogenically controlled conditions. Once frozen, the stem cells can be thawed at any time to be used for transplants.

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The cryogenic process stops stem cell development and any possible damage to the stem cells. Once thawed, the stem cells can be used for transplants, clinical trials, and research. Having your autologous stem cells preserved allows you to use them when you need them quickly and without worry.

While stem cell preservation has been used for less than thirty years, the umbilical cord blood that has been frozen for the last 20 years has been used in many successful therapies.

Most preservation banks use controlled-rate freezers to ensure the highest level of viable stem cells during storage and upon thawing the stem cells for use. These freezers are controlled by computers to gradually decrease the specimen’s temperature to keep ice crystals from forming. This process allows preserved stem cells to be stored for decades and last a lifetime!

Why Preserve Your Stem Cells?

Stem cell preservation allows you to use your body’s stem cells to repair and regenerate your body during illness. Stem cells can treat multiple diseases, repair organs, and rejuvenate tissue damaged by disease. Their use in heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes.

Both are advantageous when defending your body against an illness or an immune disorder or used as a complementary treatment to help regenerate and mend itself.

Adult stem cells can repair damaged tissue in poorly functioning organs. Once the tissue is rejuvenated, the organ can start to repair itself. Adult stem cells are used to treat Parkinson’s disease, Type 1 Diabetes, and Osteoarthritis. These cells can also slow down aging.

Here at ProgenCell, we harvest autologous stem cells, your body’s stem cells. Using the cells from your body eliminates rejection of the cells and possible infection that you might have in stem cells from a compatible donor. These cells are easy to obtain, abundantly available, and affordable. Autologous stem cells remain in your bloodstream for months to years, allowing your body to reap their benefits!

Benefits of Stem Cell Preservation

Quicker Treatment Options – Preserved stem cells are waiting to be used. You can access them quickly and use them for treatment. You can still access stem cell banks if you have not preserved your stem cells. The sooner you start stem cell therapy, the better your outcome.

Treatment for Over 90 Illnesses – Stem cells can treat over ninety blood disorders and illnesses. These include immune disorders, blood disorders.

Wider Variety of Uses – A stem cell’s ability to morph into different types of cells allows a wider range of diseases they can treat.

Stem Cell Research Has a Bright Future – Stem cell research is ongoing. Banking your stem cells could lead to cures that have not been found yet. Investing in stem cell preservation is an investment in your medical care!

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Later in Life – As our bodies age, so do our stem cells. Stem cell preservation benefits include using your stem cells later in life to help renew and repair the cells in your body.

At ProgenCell, we provide the same quality stem cell treatments that are provided in the U.S. but at a more affordable rate. If you are looking for quality stem cell therapy for COPD,  Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, stem cells for kidney disease, stem cell therapy for autism, Multiple sclerosis, or stem cell therapy for knees and shoulder pain, contact us today to start an evaluation!

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