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Positive Outcomes for Children Treated with Stem Cells

Pediatric Stem Cell Transplants: Is It Possible to Treat Children?

Positive Outcomes for Children Treated with Stem Cells

In the last ten years, stem cell transplants have cured disease and complemented treatments for dozens of conditions. Parents of severely ill children worldwide have been asking, “Pediatric stem cells: is it possible to treat children?”

Stem Cells Explained

Stem cells are the basis of all other cells. Specialized cells are generated from stem cells. They have a natural ability to transform into bone cells, blood cells, heart muscle cells, and brain cells.

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The use of stem cells allows doctors to replace diseased cells. These cells then regenerate and start repairing tissue ravaged by disease. The same cells that have been successful in adults are now being used in pediatric stem cell transplants.

Are Pediatric Stem Cell Transplants Safe for Children?

While all stem cell therapies come with some risks, pediatric stem cell transplants have been used in utero and for newborn infants, as well as older children. Your child’s doctor and you, as parents, will decide if a stem cell transplant is the right treatment for your child. Choosing stem cell treatments for your child’s condition is a difficult decision. It is essential that you understand everything about the procedure before making your decision!

How Does Stem Cell Transplant Work?

Stem cell transplants are also called bone marrow transplants. These healthy stem cells are injected into your child’s body through an IV transfusion. Once injected, the cells will help your child’s body regenerate its blood cells, increasing immunity to disease and repairing damaged cells. The outcome of the bone marrow transplant is to replace your child’s damaged marrow with healthy stem cells to rejuvenate their bone marrow.

Once you have decided to use stem cells to treat your child, you must decide on donor cells. There are two types of transplants.

  • Allogenic transplants are from a matching donor. These donors can be related to a sibling, an anonymous donor (non-related), or blood from an umbilical cord.
  • Autologous transplants are your child’s stem cells harvested from their bone marrow. The advantage of autologous cells is there is no chance of transplant rejection. The opportunity of infected cells is eliminated because they are from your child. Medical experts at ProgenCell only use bone marrow harvested from your child in stem cell transplants.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Pediatric Stem Cell Transplants?

Pediatric stem cell transplants can treat non-cancerous and cancerous conditions in children.

Non-cancerous diseases such as hemolytic anemias are prime targets of stem cell therapy. Stem cells are also used to treat spina bifida, autism, and cerebral palsy. Genetic disorders like Beta Thalassemia Major and sickle cell anemia. Metabolic disorders include Fanconi anemia, Fabry disease, and Hunter disease. Immune deficiencies such as Kostman’s Syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich disease, and severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome are all treatable with pediatric stem cells.

While the process takes more than six weeks for the best outcome, with ongoing monitoring, a period of isolation to protect your child from opportunistic infections, rest, and good nutrition, your child will start to feel better, and positive results will become evident!

Positive Outcomes for Children Treated with Stem Cells

Pediatric stem cell use in Autism has been shown to stop the progression of the condition, completely eliminate the disease, and cause regression in many. Healthy stem cells are transplanted into your child. These stem cells replace your child’s damaged cells, leading to improved cognition, increased memory retention for longer time periods, improved immune system and digestive tract functioning, and increased learning abilities.

All children who receive pediatric stem cell transplants have excellent outcomes. Despite needing to be diligent about infections, colds, and the flu and having regular check-ups, these children go on to live normal, healthy lives!

It is possible to treat children with pediatric stem cells to cure diseases, cause remission of other diseases, and lessen the symptoms of conditions that once were deadly or left children with horrific symptoms throughout their lives.

Stem cell therapy at ProgenCell begins with your initial diagnostic appointment. Our stem cell experts will help you decide if our stem cell treatments are right for your condition such as stem cell therapy for alzheimer’s, stem cells for COPD, stem cells for kidney disease and stem cells for knees. We offer more affordable stem cell therapy than you can receive in the US.

Once it has been determined that stem therapy is right for you, our bilingual concierge will help you complete the needed paperwork and schedule appointments. They can also help you with hotel accommodations, dining, and local places of interest.

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