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Tijuana makes me happy.

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by Yuriria Sierra

Tijuana is a city located in the north of the country that allows its people to develop culturally, which gives it a very different touch compared to other cities in the country. Tijuana is a city that is intimidating; as in every city, there are sad and painful stories, which gives a fearful air, making tourists think twice before visiting the city.

Tijuana is an obligatory stop for those who decide to take the leap towards the American dream that seems so close from its border. But, also, Tijuana is a city that lives close to the sea, from Ensenada to Rosarito.

Now Tijuana is one of the safest border cities. In just a few years it has reduced its crime rates. Official figures show a 70 percent reduction in kidnappings, a 30 percent reduction in homicides and a 23 percent reduction in robberies with violence. Tijuana was violence and drug trafficking, but today, although it is impossible to say that it is a city free of them, it has managed to remove that stigma, these are no longer references of the city. Tijuana is no longer the most dangerous border city in the country. It has managed to break those stigmas to become a city of investment, tourism, infrastructure, growth and gastronomy: a city that summons, that invites to be visited and to enjoy each one of its wonders.

Tijuana Innovadora project, is an event that has been held for several years and has witnessed the change of this city over the years. This event has shown how conditions have improved and is a symbol of the turnaround that the city has made, when in 2010 it was going through one of its most violent years, and today, just years later, it is positioned as one of the cities that generates the most investment, being the eighth at the national level.

Tijuana, as the title of this text says, a reference to that famous Nortec song, makes me happy to see it like this.Tijuana makes me happy because of the delicious food, the amazing people,and the multicultural places from the gastronomy district with the famous tacos of the city, the pretty beaches from Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada, the views at La Rumorosa, the huge variety of wineries in the region of  Valle de Guadalupe along with different local places of delightful craft beer. And the fact is that, despite the circumstances of the country, it became an example that yes, you can turn an environment of fear and crime into a prosperous and pleasant one compared to what it was before. Definitely do not miss the opportunity to see for yourself this great city that undoubtedly has a lot to offer.

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