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Concern for our patients’ safety begins at the front door.

Many people have told us that going beyond their hometown for medical attention puts them out of their comfort zone. They don’t know what to expect, especially in a foreign country, so they naturally expect the worst – beginning with all the “don’t drink the water” stories.
We at ProgenCell would like to put everyone’s minds at ease. Our clinic is very likely safer than what you will find in your own hometown.  We maintain back-ups for all critical systems. In the exceptional event that the municipal supplies of electricity or water might be interrupted, our building is equipped with its own back-up generator and cistern that can kick in immediately. There’s even a redundant tank of oxygen for our procedure room already hooked up and online.
The physical layout of the clinic was designed for safety as well. Closed-circuit video monitors inside our clinic and trained security personnel outside assure the personal safety of our staff and our visitors. Preventing the worst of catastrophes, our procedure room has been designed architecturally to allow for immediate and unobstructed evacuation.
Our patients’ safety has been thought through from the ground up. In many ways, we have exceeded the specifications required of the world’s finest hospitals. We did this because not even one patient should experience an adverse event while under our care.

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