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Do you need a passport to visit ProgenCell?

Ever since the United States began tightening up travel for its citizens, patients from the U.S. have worried about  getting treated because of the delays involved in getting a passport to leave the country. Some of that worry is misplaced. You don’t really need a passport to leave your own country and you don’t need a passport to visit Tijuana.
While it’s true the airlines won’t fly you to any city in Mexico without a passport, no one asks you for any documentation when you enter Tijuana walking or by car. By Mexican law, visitors can spend up to three days in Baja California without any paperwork.
When you leave Tijuana back to California, the Customs and Border Protection agents really are happiest when you show them a current passport, but they’ll accept any identification that proves your identity and your nationality. Driver’s licenses work fine, and if accompanied by a birth certificate, that works even better. We know one local who regularly crosses with a passport that expired in 1984!
The worst case? Some people cross without proper identification and they tend to be delayed ten or fifteen minutes while the Customs people check government databases. We don’t recommend that. But we also don’t recommend postponing your stem cell therapy just because you don’t have a passport in hand.
Some local tourism experts put together a FAQ on the passport question, in case you’re curious about the details. The important thing, though, is not to let the lack of a passport keep you off the road to wellness.
The new electronic passport, with the electronic logo on the bottom front cover, will save time to some visitors crossing the border thru the “ready lane”.

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