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ProgenCell has achieved international certification for quality

Now that the United States is starting to get into stem cell therapy, some of our patients have been choosing ProgenCell just to save a little money. We think that’s a good idea, too, but we really want our patients to choose us for our higher standard of care.
Everyone brags about their standard of care – even if they’re just resting on the laurels of the “made in the USA” trademark – but we’ve been at pains to document ours. The keystone is our membership in the International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS). We’re already made it to their third level of certification.
IBMS is the international authority that certifies physicians, surgeons, and dentists in every country of the world. This is an important service for medical tourism. To be granted IBMS’s “gold” level, we needed to present all of our medical degrees and licenses for third-party validation and we had to demonstrate that we indemnify patients in the event a complication arises from one of our procedures, even after the patient has returned home.
Not one clinic or practitioner of regenerative medicine in the United States has achieved as high a level of certification as ProgenCell.
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