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Tijuana Innovadora acknowledges the work of ProgenCell

Luis Romero Guerra, M.D., the president of the ProgenCell ethics committee, and Norma Niño Sulkowska, M.D., ProgenCell’s staff ophthalmologist, were invited by Tijuana Innovadora to present “Vanguard of Medicine: Stem Cells in Ophthalmology” on 16 October 2012. By way of introduction, they were praised as stem cell pioneers by Patricia Aubanel, M.D., the cardiologist who achieved international recognition when she saved Mother Teresa’s life with an experimental stent.
In their half-hour presentation, Dr. Romero began by describing the various possible sources of stem cells, explaining why those from the bone marrow are generally preferable, reviewing ProgenCell’s therapeutic procedures for appropriate medical conditions, and discussing the prognoses that can be expected from ProgenCell’s therapies.
Citing the requests of her American patients as the motivation for her use of stem cell therapy, Dr. Niño then detailed the work she has been doing since 2005 for diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and retinitis pigmentosa. Each of these three conditions can result in blindness, which orthodox treatments are unable to prevent. In stark and optimistic contrast, the results in Dr. Niño’s cases have varied from arresting the progress of the disease, in the least successful of cases, to total remission, in the most successful.

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