Why do we use autologous bone marrow stem cells in our therapy?

Why do we use autologous bone marrow stem cells in our therapy?, ProgenCell, tem cells, Tijuana, MexicoStem cells are found in many parts of the body. Your doctor exercises professional judgment in deciding which ones are to be used and how they are to be applied. We at ProgenCell have found that the stem cells in a patient’s own (“autologous”) bone marrow are generally the best choice, although in rare cases we also make use of stem cells in adipose tissue or cord blood derived from the same patient.
There are some clinics, inexperienced in bone marrow aspiration, that prefer to use adipose stem cells as first option, in the belief that these are easier to harvest. To do so, however, the patient is subjected to liposuction, which involves couplel weeks of painful recovery. In addition, we have found that stem cells taken from adipose tissue are less or as effective than are stem cells taken at their main source.
Yet other clinics have been promoting the use of placental stem cells on the theory that these are “younger” and “from a healthy source” therefore more adaptable than are bone marrow stem cells. We don’ agree this theory, we have found that placental stem cells need to be genetically related to the patient if they are to be successful. Placental stem cells from unrelated donors introduce three undesirable variables into the therapy: the risk of rejection, the risk of genetic disease transmission, and low effectiveness.
Stem cells are the way the body repairs itself. They are created in the bone marrow, so we like to harvest them at their source. The procedure is quick and painless, performed with experienced professionals in a proper state-of-the-art clinic under local anaesthesia. It’s a procedure that creates a little more work for us, but we try to give our patients every chance for success that we can.

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