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The best place to get sick is in a hospital

The German word for “hospital” gives us the unvarnished truth: Krankenhaus, the place where sick people dwell. Its very purpose is to collect up every sort of medical problem and let them stew together. You will find more germs and viruses and bacteria there than you will on a city street, which is why hospital administrators are at pains to sanitize as much as they can. But all the jellied alcohol and all the Phisohex and all the HEPA filters will only catch bugs after the fact and every time someone comes into the hospital they bring fresh sources of infection. Hygiene in a hospital is a daunting task.
Hospitals located at international crossroads also have to worry about international hygiene. In the outbreak of the so-called swine flu a couple of years ago, for example, San Diego gave Tijuana the H1N1 virus – and it was found in one of Tijuana’s hospitals.
ProgenCell has been offered several opportunities to locate in prestigious hospitals but we chose to create our own controlled environment out of concern for our patients. Not only do we apply international hospital sanitation procedures every day, we also don’t practice “open” surgery: therefore, by not sharing our operating room with surgeons who do, we limit the risk of airborne infection tremendously. And, since we treat conditions that tend not to be infectious, we protect our staff and our patients by practicing in our own quiet clinic away from the hustle and bustle of hospitals.
We don’t want to seem overly critical of hospitals. They’re the right place to go if your doctor needs to cut you open or you need a prolonged stay. For stem cell therapy, on the other hand, we believe that our clinic is the best environment.

Risks inside hospitals
Risks inside hospitals

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