Tijuana Innovadora showcases the modern Tijuana

Our image as a lawless place for underage drinking makes about as much sense as believing that Chicago is still being shot up by Al Capone’s gang. Here in the twenty-first century, Tijuana has become the high-tech crossroads for the Pacific Rim and the United States, leading the world in precision medical manufacturing as well as in cutting-edge medical attention.
In what has become a biennial celebration, Tijuana Innovadora spends ten days showcasing what Tijuana really has to offer the world. Our maquiladora industry, for example, has evolved into six-sigma manufacturers of electronic equipment for aerospace and consumer markets in which local companies such as Plantronics consistently receive international acclaim. Our local cuisine is now taught by a world-class culinary school and our restauants are listed among the world’s best by the New York Times and other publications.
But here at ProgenCell, we are proudest of Tijuana’s accomplishments in the field of health care. If you have a chance, stop by Tijuana Innovadora on 16 October 2012, when they will devote an entire day to our “Medical Industry”. ProgenCell will be presenting at 5:00p.m. in the conference:   Medicina de vanguardia: Células madre en la oftalmología.

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