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The ProgenCell Experience: The Quartz Hotel & Spa

ProgenCell Experience Vol II – Quartz Hotel

If you have been looking for a luxurious, comfortable and relaxing hotel in Tijuana, this is the perfect place for you. Quartz Hotel & Spa is a Five Star Hotel near the border that connects to over 60 Doctors and Specialists at New City Medical Plaza. Quartz Hotel & Spa, presents to us a new concept that brings together modern architecture along with a peaceful and therapeutic environment.

The ProgenCell Experience: The Park

ProgenCell Experience Vol I – The Park

Tijuana is a city well known for the multiple experiences that it can offer. From great views, iconic restaurants, cultural events to affordable medical treatments, outstanding hospitality and more. This city is constantly giving us new places to visit, such as their latest opening “The Park” which is located at New City Medical Plaza.  The Park is a fusion of top chefs from all over the city gathered in one place with around 14 different restaurants not only will you find excellent food but also tasty drinks and precious views.

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