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Improve the immune system based on intravenous infusions

Improve the immune system based on intravenous infusions

Improve the immune system based on intravenous infusions

The use of multivitamins and minerals with high dosage of Vitamin C can improve your immune system. Vitamins are essential for the function of the immune system, it’s crucial to combine different vitamins to gain immune defense.


Vitamin C is a nutrient that may be found in food and supplements, it’s an antioxidant and it contributes to different enzymes. The therapeutic use of Vitamin C for patients with respiratory diseases allows to reduce the affection of the lungs and decrease possible viral affections.

The use of Vitamin C is safe to prevent diseases, intravenous application of this vitamin provides a higher concentration compared to oral supplements. Vitamin C causes very minimal side effects , the early use of this vitamin is recommended considering its an atypical antioxidant involved in protecting the immune system against viruses and diseases.

Effects of Vitamin C in patients with pulmonary affections

Immunological function: increases the chemotaxis, phagocytosis and neurotrophics, stimulates the proliferation of cells T and NK, regulating their function and can help increase antibodies.
Cellular endothelial function: improves the endothelial barrier and microcirculation.Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and healing of wounds.Antioxidant, protects and improves the hemodynamic aspect.


B Complex Vitamins help along with others to form proteins for the immune system, they are related to improve the immune response in patients with infectious diseases.


They promote the immune function of the organism, process protein, help with wound scarring and repair tissues, they have shown clear benefits for the health of the immune system of patients. Proper supplement use of minerals is crucial for the immune system, mainly because it helps with the deterioration caused by age which is related to the vulnerable immune system for elders , that’s why people with mineral deficiency can be immunosuppressed to different infectious diseases.


Intravenous ozone therapy has been studied for quite while, it is an effective germicide, allows the improvement of different physiological parameters, its analgesic, it has the capacity of stimulating the blood flow and immune system which provides the organism a better protection against infections, it has shown good response against viral and bacterial diseases. It has the ability to stop viruses and bacteria from multiplying, it has a high oxidation potential, even higher than chlorine when used against viruses, bacteria and fungi.
In need of urgent but safe and effective therapies, Ozone IV therapy has shown to be safe, does not produce any side effects that compromise the patients health, occasionally it may produce mild and temporary irritation in the area of application , the use of ozone is recommended before, during and after your diseases. When in crisis a prior evaluation from the stem cell doctor needs to be done.

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