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Stem Cells for Knees

An injury of articular cartilage such as Knee Injuries can cause osteoarthritis and seriously affect the physical and mental health of patients. Unfortunately, current surgical treatment techniques that are commonly used in the clinic cannot regenerate articular cartilage. Regenerative medicine involving stem cell knee injections has entered a new stage and is considered the most promising way to regenerate articular cartilage.  Knee injuries are very common, recent studies have found that in the United States,  one third of all doctor’s visits are due to muscle or knee pain, this condition is caused mostly because of overuse, injuries or previous accidents. It mainly affects the cartilage covering the opposing ends of the joint disintegrating due to chronic and constant wear and tear. As the cartilage degenerates, it also affects the bone surfaces resulting in the formation of osteophytes (bony projections). These types of Knee injuries can be related to different things such as aging, obesity, trauma, infections, inflammation, occupational arthrosis, autoimmune diseases, etc.

It’s important to identify your symptoms in order to determine what’s the best treatment option for you to follow, some obvious symptoms may be:

• Pain in knee

• Stiffness related to movement

• Pain after periods of inactivity

• Morning pain is common until joints ‘warm up’

• Swollen knee or increased tendency of

swelling of joints

• Decreased motion/flexibility of joints


What options do I have?:

The current treatment for knee injuries is mainly based on physiotherapy and drugs which only provide temporary relief. To recover the cartilage structure and function has remained a challenge mainly because is a tissue without nutrition of vessels, once damaged auto regeneration becomes really hard. Severe cases are treated with total knee replacement surgery, which are extremely expensive and may not always yield long-lasting results. Usually a knee replacement lasts 10-15 yrs depending on the habits of the patient. Therefore a very active young person could go through several knee replacements in his life. It is common to push back to the future a surgery as long as the patient can, to limit one knee/hip replacement in his life, but sometimes living that time with pain is a cost not so convenient. Recent research suggests that stem cell therapy for knees can help restore a normal cartilage and bone function.  A large number of preclinical and clinical studies have shown that compared with traditional repair techniques such as microfractures, stem cell therapy can form more typical hyaline cartilage and can better control symptoms. Mesenchymal stem cells are preferred as they are multipotent, found in several tissues, including the fluid inside the joints and are able to maintain their multipotency in vitro and in vivo. They produce chondrogenic cells. Bone Marrow stem cells infused with its natural growth factors and stimulants give nutrition to the cartilage to promote its regeneration.

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