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Three times is the charm

Over the twelve years that we have been helping people with stem cell therapy in Tijuana, we have noticed an interesting phenomenon in our patients’ recoveries. With every treatment, the patient’s bone marrow produces more stem cells than it did the time before.
For the first treatment, we have measured an average of 8,520,000 units per milliliter. Those cells are activated and returned to the patient in order to begin their therapy. Four months later, when we perform the second treatment, we have measured an average of 9,400,000 per milliliter. The patient’s bone marrow has been replentish  producing about ten percent more stem cells than it used to. Four months after that, for the third treatment, we have measured an average of 10,960,000 per milliliter – more than twenty-eight percent more cells than when we met our patient!
This effect is a bonus for stem cell therapy. It comes above and beyond the goals we expect to achieve with a patient. What we see in these measurements is that the body has become invigorated during our treatments to the point that it begins to regenerate itself without our intervention. Even while we are trying to correct a particular problem, the body responds holistically by regenerating all of its systems.

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