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Patient Satisfaction at ProgenCell

satisfaccion paciente 2011-2012
ProgenCell Quality assurance program. Evaluation graph 2011-2012, Facilities, logistics, professionals, service and other factors patient satisfaction.

As a major part of our commitment to total quality management and ISO9000 procedures, we have been developing ways to measure customer satisfaction. We do this in order to understand our patients better. Since we’re in the wellness business, success usually means that we don’t see our patient again, so we use what we learn while our patients are with us so that the experiences of our next patients can be even better.
Wanting the best for our patients is one of the best intentions of the Hippocratic tradition, but the best of intentions is just lip service without making the appropriate efforts, monitoring the progress of those efforts, and correcting any effort that isn’t working.
ProgenCell started in 2009 by measuring our patients’ subjective responses to our clinic. Over these years, our patients have given us embarrassingly high marks. Whenever we have received a less-than-perfect score, however, we have always investigated the root cause and have taken corrective action.
We firmly believe that every aspect of our patients’ visit with us needs to be as enjoyable as possible. We don’t want our patients to feel poked and prodded like a lab rat: we want them to feel like they have come to a wellness spa from which they will return home reinvigorated and happy.

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