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Excellence in stem cell therapies begins with excellent quality management

It has been a long-standing axiom in business that quality is no mistake. As scientists, we were trained to believe this even in high school. So it’s only natural that ProgenCell, which, among its physicians, contains an aggregate of more than a hundred years of scientific investigation and practice, would insist on applying a quality-management system to everything we do.
There are many systems to choose from – even the scientific method itself is a form of quality control – but in the end we chose to adopt the ISO9000 method because of its international recognition and because of its emphasis on guaranteeing our patients’ satisfaction.
We’d like to say a few words about ISO9000 for our patients in the United States because that’s the one part of the world where ISO9000 is least known.
The method derives the work of Dr Edwards Deming, an American engineer who was sent to Japan after World War II to help rebuild their economy. ISO9000 acknowledges the continuity of process from supplier to producer to customer and, so, requires us to ensure the quality of what we receive, what we do, and what we sell. Our goals and procedures are written out clearly so that there can be no confusion in our purpose or our process. ISO9000 acknowledges the importance of both continuous and continual improvement of our products and, so, requires regular review (“audits”) of everything we do, during which we constantly answer the question “Is there something here we could be doing better?”
In our line of work, satisfied customers are rarely repeat customers. It’s their good will and what they tell their friends that builds our business. It is, therefore, vitally important that every patient leaves ProgenCell feeling that we exceeded their expectations.
For those interested in more information on the ISO9000 method, a good primer can be found online. The sections that apply to ProgenCell specifically are the most recent revisions of ISO9001 and ISO9004.

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