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ProgenCell Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Knee Pain – Case Study

Male patent, 56 years old, high performance athlete, begins with pain in both knees with predominance in left knee, progressive damage, on 2012 reports absolute limitation to practice any sport and even certain everyday activities became painful.
Autologous cell therapy obtained from minimally manipulated bone marrow stem cells was applied, which consisted of intra-joint injection, repeated three times, four months between each of them. Starting with the first application, persistent clinical improvement is detected, returning the patent to his daily activities without any limitation and permitting sports activities with intermittent minimal discomfort. On radiographic follow-up studies, we get evidence of absence of progression of joint deterioration in the last 2 years. Also we can observe a larger space at the joint that could presuppose cartilage growth.
Due to the technical difficulties and implications of a comparative study, it is not always possible to reliably establish an improvement based on one image. It is suggested to corroborate results with an MRI and/or arthroscopic surgery.

Patient Comments:

“I used to exercise a lot. I used to play soccer and tennis and I did a lot of running. A few years ago, I was not able to perform these sports because it was too painful for my knees and after a workout my knees were swollen. Daily activities were also getting more and more painful, especially standing. A professional doctor, an “orthopedist”, advised me to quit with these sports activities and focus on cycling. When the pain would get worse, the doctor would give me a knee replacement in the future. I didn’t want to get a new knee, so I decided to do a stem cell treatment at ProgenCell. After three treatments my knees did not get weaker but stronger. I can stand still for a longer period of time painlessly in my day to day life. I also started running again and nowadays I can run 5 kilometers, practically with no pain” -JM

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