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Can stem cell therapies cure diseases?

The short answer is that we still don’t know.
In saying that, ProgenCell takes a very conservative approach to the meaning of “cure”. We generally use the terms “treatment” and “therapy” to describe our work. When stem cell therapy is successful, all it really does is to help the patient’s body heal itself.
As scientists, we cannot claim we have found a cure until we have corrected the cause and, in most cases that ProgenCell treats, science has not yet identified the specific cause. All we can say with certainty is that our stem cell treatments have alleviated our patients’ symptoms, often to the point of total remission.
It’s a little like when you can’t start your car. You get a friend to jump-start it for you. Did that cure your problem? Who knows – and if the car starts again on its own, who cares? But if it still doesn’t start, and you track the cause down to a bad battery, then you can say you have cured the problem by replacing the battery.
Stem cell treatments are a way of jump-starting your body. If that’s something you could use,
contact ProgenCell for a free case evaluation today.

Jump start your health
Jump start your health

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