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Testimonial de enfermo de Parkinson y células madre

ProgenCell and Parkinson’s disease

Doctor Luis Romero made a video in Spanish about a friend who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. It deserves a wider audience, so we have translated his presentation into English here.
Here is a case of a patient with Parkinson’s who has been with us for a little over a year. Aside from being a good friend, he is also a doctor and a musician. He hasn’t been able to practice his profession and he hasn’t been able to play the piano because of his condition. He searched all over the world for a solution. He had been taking medication, the treatment that is normally used for Parkinson’s, but the results were not good. His Parkinson’s continued to get worse, making him more and more incapacitated.
He’s had four treatments with us now and his Parkinson’s has been improving. In his case, we harvest the stem cells from the marrow of the tibia, we prepare a special solution by activating the stem cells, and we inject this preparation directly into his brain.
This is the procedure we have used for the doctor. You can see he is completely conscious. There is only minimal discomfort, easily tolerated. The procedure is very safe – since these are autologous stem cells, in other words, his own cells, there is no risk of them being rejected, so the possibility of a complication is minimal. This has been just like patients with many other diseases who have been benefited by the same approach.
So now he is able to attend to his patients again, to drive his car – he’s completely independent now – and to play the piano. In fact, he just gave a recital yesterday. Although he still has some slight tremors in his hands occasionally, he now has an excellent quality of life.
By the way these treatments have progressed, we expect to see his disease completely under control. He recently had the opportunity to suspend his treatments briefly and we hope in the future, if his check-ups permit, that he will no longer need medications.
Our concern for protecting our patients is paramount. We want our patients to understand that our therapies are safe. We are careful not to be overly rigorous with the protocols because sometimes that takes away from the patient the possibility of deciding on a therapy that could be useful. Our therapies have been effective in every case, even in those cases where the disease has continued. From more than five hundred cases, we have encountered no problems, not a single complication with our treatments.
We are certain of the safety of these procedures and have noticed over time how to assess each case, because each one is different, each patient has a different rate of producing stem cells. This is not the same as prescribing medications, but in the right cases this is the best approach.
Here is Dr. Romero’s original video:

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