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Arthritis Success stories from ProgenCell

Arthritis Success stories from ProgenCell

As interesting as the theory behind stem cell therapy might be, its results are what is most important. We’d like to share with you some of our case-histories. These two deal with arthritis.
A seventy-four-year-old woman, a doctor who retired to Baja California, presented at ProgenCell with metabolic disorder and rheumatoid arthritis. She reported feeling improvements after seven days of her first procedure. We also noticed that her voice had changed, that she appeared to be stronger, and that she showed more agility.
She has had three procedures now and looks completely different. After the second procedure, her fingers showed no deformities, her glucose levels were much lower than before, she looked taller because she could stand straight, her voice had changed a lot, and she showed more confidence. She reported that she was no longer in pain and that she slept “like a baby”.
After her third procedure she was walking like a teenager and showed great energy. She was in great spirits and told us that she feels and looks younger, that she no longer experiences arthritis pain, and that her eyesight improved. Her glucose levels are close to normality; before the treatments she used two kinds of insulin and now she only uses insulin at night. She talked about taking one or two more treatments “just because I deserve it.”
A forty-four-year-old woman came to ProgenCell in 2010 with fulminant rheumatoid arthritis that had been diagnosed in 2008. Here is her experience in her own words:
“Because of the constant pain, I was not able to live a normal life. I was afraid to move around or do anything on my own, in case I might hit something. I couldn’t drive a car, I couldn’t sleep with my husband. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself, my husband or son had to help me. Along with the pain medicine and the anti-inflammatories, I also had to take anti-depressants. With all that medication, I gained thirty pounds in just the first month.

“Dr Romero gave me stem cell therapy that changed my life! Within the first twenty-four hours I was completely out of pain and the inflammation had subsided. I felt stronger. Even my eyesight improved. After three treatments, I am healthy again. I feel great, my mood changed, my life changed, and I look younger too!”

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