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Stem cells offer hope for autism

Medical science still doesn’t know what causes autism, which is a spectrum disorder of the brain that appears with varying severity in as much as one percent of the population, but we do know that the spectrum is associated with restricted flow of blood to the brain and with immune dysregulation.
The connection between autism and the immunological system has created a lot of interest within the regenerative medicine community. There are now trials under way using stem cells derived from cord blood and even from adipose tissue. Here at ProgenCell, we’ve seen three children for autism and all have reported excellent results.
Since autism manifests as cognitive and behavioral impairment, it’s difficult to offer objective measurements of individual cases, but the mother of a five-year-old patient can give an idea of how the stem cell therapy for autism improved their quality of life. She sent us a thank-you letter in which she said:
“At the airport I bought an activity book for my daughter. While on the plane she took my finger and pointed and read the words of all the colors! She then properly matched the words of the colors to the colors of a picture of a rainbow on the same page! I did not know my daughter could say the names of colors or even read them for that matter! We returned on a Thursday and by Saturday my daughter started sleeping through the night! Before she had been a horrible insomniac!
“My daughter is in a special CDC kindergarten class at her school. Before stem cells, she could barely do any preschool level work. She is now doing many tasks at kindergarten level! My daughter is also a little wiz on the computer when before she could not even maneuver a mouse!
“We have received treatment with ProgenCell and have been happy with the results. Yes, my daughter is still autistic. But her life and our lives have been made easier with the help of stem cells and the doctors at ProgenCell.”
If your family has been battling autism, contact ProgenCell to see if this is the treatment you’ve been waiting for. We’ll be happy to evaluate your case without obligation.

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