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A ProgenCell patient talks about his treatment for macular degeneration.

Neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a major cause of visual impairment in older people. The patient loses vision in the center of the visual field and is left with only the ability to see colors and shapes. This condition is currently being treated with laser coagulation and expensive monthly injections into the eye’s vitreous humor; sadly, those results have been generally disappointing.
Carlos Costilla, a fifty-two-year-old AMD patient, came to ProgenCell from Río Gallegos in southern Argentina. Before he returned home, he videotaped a testimonial that can be seen on YouTube. Here we have translated his comments into English:
The procedure is very simple, as it turned out. I showed up a little frightened, not knowing quite what would happen, but the treatment really isn’t painful at all. I had worried about nothing. I spent six or seven days in treatment, all completely painless, relaxing even. I was in the clinic maybe an hour or an hour and a half each day without any ill effects.
I came to ProgenCell because my wife went on the Internet looking for treatment options for my condition. I had been losing my eyesight. She found only a few places in the whole the world. After we talked with the people at ProgenCell, we decided on them. And the doctors here have exceeded our expectations.
Everyone has been very kind, very friendly, very professional. We know them all by name. They made us feel like we were in our own home – it never occurred to me that I wasn’t healthy.
Before trying the ProgenCell therapy, I had received one injection of Avastin. I didn’t continue with that because it didn’t give me any hope for improvement. We decided on ProgenCell because we were able to understand it from the medical information we received and we felt that they could really deliver positive results.
It was easy to travel to Tijuana and, once we got here, we received constant attention from the staff of ProgenCell. In fact, they even picked us up from the airport and drove us to the clinic. They have made us very comfortable. Their considerateness has been unexpected and has added to our peace of mind, which is very important for such a serious medical condition as macular degeneration.
Our time in Tijuana has been very peaceful. We’ve gone for walks, been to good restaurants, visited a lot of places in town without any problem. We decided to spend twelve days here.
When we told our friends that we would be going to ProgenCell for treatment, most of them were surprised. Then we told them about how much attention we were given, how well we understood the procedure that was going to be performed, and how well-grounded in stem cell therapy ProgenCell had made us. Our friends were suprised in a different way and became believers. And now we can go back to them and show them the proof.
Without a doubt I would recommend ProgenCell’s treatment to anyone because I feel really good, very content, and believe I am seeing results already. I would certainly recommend ProgenCell to a friend or a family member. It isn’t just that the doctors at ProgenCell are the right ones to treat macular degeneration, it’s the human touch of everyone there that is very important, from the administrative staff to the medical team to the support staff. Exceptionally warm, humane care and very self-possessed.

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