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Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Brief Description of a Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Here is a brief description of the procedure (only for reference purposes). Before your own procedure takes place, we will provide you with detailed information of each one of the stages.
ProgenCell uses a total quality philosophy, based on international standards of quality in all processes.

Upon your arrival at ProgenCell, you will be greeted and attended to by our qualified personnel. You will be evaluated by a doctor who will answer any questions you may have, review your medical record, as well as any recent lab work performed in the last weeks. Soon after, you will be taken into an exam room for a complete check up and to record your vital signs. You will be guided to a dressing room to change into a sterile gown (your personal effects are secured). All the following processes are strictly followed under Good Manufacturing Procedures standards (GMP).
You will be conscious throughout the entire procedure, and you will be able to observe the sterile materials being used.

The doctor will desinfect the area for bone marrow extraction and anesthetize the area with a small injection. Once the area has been anaesthetized the bone marrow extraction begins. During the extraction you will NOT feel pain. The extraction generally takes between 15 and 20 minutes. Once complete, the doctor will start preparing the bone marrow by activating the stem cells in a closed system (avoiding any contamination). The serum canalization will be replaced with the bone marrow infusion; this process takes 15 to 20 minutes. The doctor will take a minimum amount of bone marrow in order to make a target cell count in the laboratory and, if needed, will take another small amount to do one or several injections in other parts of the body depending on the expected tissues to be regenerated. Special injections of stem cells are intended to have direct placement close to related tissues to maximize tissue recovery. Examples of injections are lumbar injection or lymphatic injection, among others.
You will not feel any pain throughout the entire procedure. You will only feel manipulations in the area of sample taking and in the transfusion as well. During the following 3 to 5 days, you will feel a little bruised in the area of stem cell extraction. The discomfort is tolerable nonetheless, pain killers can be administered if desired.

After the transfusion, you will be taken to a patient recovery area where you will be constantly monitored. Some easily digestible foods and liquids will be provided. Usually, you will be able to go home a few hours after the procedure takes place.
A meeting with the doctor will conclude the procedure in order to respond to any questions and to indicate what to expect in the following weeks. Suggestions for your optimal health recovery will be shared. The doctor will provide a prescription if needed and a 24/7 phone number for patient care assistance.
In the next few days and weeks, we will keep constant comunication with you in order to keep track of your progress and to assist you along the way. All of the monitored processes are strictly followed under the Good Manufacturing Procedure Standards (GMP).
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