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Terapia PRP

PRP: terapia para multiples condiciones

Uno de los tratamientos más interesantes y con variedad de aplicaciones es el Plasma Rico en Plaquetas (PRP). Una técnica que brinda alternativas para la salud y estética, ya que ayuda a desintoxicar, revitalizar, nutrir, conservar y equilibrar las células de la piel. Llame ahora para hablar con un especialista en células madre ¿Qué es [...]
medicina regenerativa

¿Qué es la medicina regenerativa? una mirada al futuro

La medicina regenerativa es un campo de estudio innovador. Aplica principios tanto de las ciencias de la salud para mejorar o reemplazar órganos o tejidos que se encuentran tan dañados que ya no pueden realizar sus funciones de forma normal. En esta nueva publicación para el blog de ProgenCell te contaremos todo lo que debes [...]

Mejorar el sistema inmune a base de infusiones intravenosas

El uso de complejos multivitaminicos, minerales, con altas dosis de vitamina C mejora el sistema inmune Las vitaminas son imprescindibles para que el sistema inmune sea eficiente, es de especial importancia combinar diferentes vitaminas para ganar defensa inmunitaria. VITAMINA C La vitamina C es un nutriente esencial que se encuentra en los alimentos y en [...]

Things to do while visiting Tijuana

Tijuana is one of the most visited cities in the world, located just a few steps from the San Diego border, is a popular city for lots and lots of visitors. People from both sides of the border spend quality time in this enigmatic and captivating city.

Regardless of the difference in language and culture,

Improving quality of life: patients with MS

There are characteristics in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that can be identified, such as: Demyelination and Gliosis (Scar Tissue). This affectations can happen in different parts of the Central Nervous System (CNS), with different appearance in time causing selective destruction of myelin. Around 350,000 Americans are affected by MS, and 2.5 millions worldwide. More than half of the patients with MS have specific autoantibodies against myelin stimulating its demyelination and activates macrophages,

Stem cells combined with traditional care reduce heart failure

The heart is one of the most important organs in our organism that keeps us alive. There’s plenty of literature related to the heart, it has been used in a poetic way, sentimental, as an engine with complexity. But here we are going to talk about it as an organ.

We know the heart consists of four cavities that helps to pump the oxygenated blood and taking away the deoxygenated blood,

What’s it like to have your bone marrow harvested?

People can be squeamish about things they’ve never experienced before, especially when it comes to medical procedures, so we’re not surprised when a prospective patient asks us about bone marrow.

The fact of the matter is that the primitive bone marrow transplantation practiced on leukemia patients a half-century ago was slow and painful.

How did medicine survive before FDA?

Those of us who practice on the forefront of medicine get tired of hearing advice like “Don’t trust any doctor whose treatments aren’t approved by the FDA” from bureaucrats and laymen.

It’s not that we have anything against the FDA – we’re really natural allies in the advancement of medical practice because we give them discoveries that they turn into accepted procedures.

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