Corona Virus Update

ProgenCell’s medical staff is constantly monitoring COVID-19 status with the safety of our patients and staff as our main goal. These measures are proactively taken to reduce the risk of patients’ exposure to the Novel Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 :

Measures taken by ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies

  • Our facilities are 24 under a strict schedule and protocol for proper sterilization.
  • The medical staff at ProgenCell has been wearing Personal Protective Equiment, including N95 face masks, face shields, special gowns, and gloves.
  • The staff have been instructed and constanly reminded to wash their hands frequently.
  • There is an antibacterial station available at the entrance of ProgenCell for patients and our staff.
  • Everyone who visits our facilities needs to follow and comply with our self imposed regulations. Sanitizing of hands, cleaning shoes, wearing a face mask and having a normal body temperature are verified.

ProgenCell Telemedicine Program

To help our international patients, ProgenCell has establish a telemedicine program so you can continue

Our doctors are available to provide virtual online Consultations. This program gives patients face to face, real-time access to one of our physicians who can help them determine if stem cell treatment is a viable alternative for their medical conditions.

To Schedule a Virtual Consultation Appointment?

Contact us at 888-443-6235 or fill out an appointment request

Travel and Medical Tourism Advice.

In order to safely visit ProgenCell or any other medical provider in Mexico, our recommendations is to check with thr CDC ( Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization) and any other national regulatory bodies for travel advisory.

At this time there are some travel restrictions for those coming from the United States to Mexico, but the transit for medical purposes is permitted. Nevertheless, our medical tourism and logistics department are constantly in touch with the CBP (Custom Border Patrol) in case new information arises.

To know more about the measures taken by ProgenCell, feel free to contact us at 1 (888) 443 6235 or send an email to