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Telemedicine Program

ProgenCell Telemedicine Program

Rushed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the official precaution measures taken in concordance with international and national health agencies, we are very proud to officially announce the launch of our Telemedicine Program, an innovative program that focus on strengthening the relationship of our medical staff with our international patients.

Elias Bemaras ProgenCell CEO stated “Getting our patients the service they deserve has always been our top priority. Telemedicine fosters better doctor-patient relationships specially for health centers such as ours that commonly deal with medical tourism patients. We worked hard and will continue to do so, to provide a better, safer and more efficient user experience.

How the telemedicine program works?

A Virtual consultation within our telemedicine program is a two-way, live, one-on-one video-based appointment between a patient and a physician at ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies. ProgenCell Telemedicine Program is available to patients via a specialized software, HIPAA complaint,  that offers an encrypted connection to maximize patient and doctor confidentiality, our Telemedicine Program can also be used with other more common teleconference software (such as Zoom or Facetime), this flexibility is to be able to cater to any level of technology user. Telemedicine appointments need to be scheduled ahead of time by contacting one of our Clinical Case Managers, to compile a medical file to be evaluated by our doctors before the actual consultation.

How to Schedule an Appointment?

Contact us by filling the form or call 1 888 443 6235 and one of our clinical case managers will collect your medical information and set up the time and date of your appointment.

What if I am not tech Savvy?

Our staff is available to help you every step of the way. We will walk you through each step to make sure you have a stress free experience. Appointments by phone call are also available.

What kind of Medical Consultation I will get?

ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies is a Stem Cell Treatment Center. Our doctors are specialists in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy.

About ProgenCell

ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies is a Stem Cell Treatment Center located in Tijuana, Mexico.   With more than 10 years of experience and thousands of lives changed. Now part of the one of its kind Luxury  All in House Medical Tourism Complex NewCity Medical Plaza. 

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