Reevaluating arthritis

In the past, people with arthritis have had to resign themselves to it as being just another part of growing old. Traditional treatment emphasizes medications – anti-inflammatories and analgesics – to mask the symptoms. This lessens the amount of pain a patient experiences but it does not help the patient get better. In fact, the patient is usually condemned to taking medication for the rest of his or her life, with consequential damage to their liver and kidneys. The highly respected National Institutes of Health refers to the traditional approach as “Living with Arthritis”. Here at ProgenCell we believe in living without arthritis.
There are many kinds of arthritis but they are all autoimmune rheumatic diseases and, so, they have all been responding very well to stem cell therapy. Recent cases in Great Britain and the United States have reported “remarkable results” from “experimental” stem cell therapies. And yet these cases in 2010 and 2011 have simply repeated the therapy that founded ProgenCell in 2000. That was when Dr Luis Romero and Dr Jorge Gaviño practicing as an orthopedic surgeon, first treated an arthritic knee by means of hematopoietic stem cells and then realized he was on to something big.
Over the years, Dr Romero and Dr Gaviño has learned that stem cell therapy can only arrest the development of arthritis, that the therapy cannot reverse any disfigurement caused by calcification in the joints. “The sooner we can start the therapy,” he warns, “the better the patient’s prognosis will be.” Therefore, if you’re concerned about arthritis, please contact ProgenCell as soon as possible and let us evaluate your case without obligation.

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