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Even medicine has its fashion victims.

Lately, we’ve noticed that some of the clinics that limit themselves to liposuction for their stem cells have been disparaging bone marrow as a reliable source – they’re calling it “old-fashioned”. Don’t they see the fallacy in their reasoning? There’s nothing old-fashioned about our bone-marrow protocols. A medical technique younger than the Internet can hardly qualify as old in any sense.
So what’s really going on here? Why is a more recent technique with a sketchy track record being promoted as being thoroughly modern at the expense of a better-established and more broadly effective technique?
We can only speculate from what we’ve seen. After all, here at ProgenCell, we also have studied to derive stem cells from adipose tissue. There are a number of reasons why this isn’t our preferred option.
We have found this technique to be more invasive and more painful. The concentration of serviceable stem cells isn’t as great in adipose tissue than in bone marrow. The wound created by the process attracts stem cells away from the condition being treated. And we have also found that the stem cells in adipose tissue are applicable to some conditions but not others, so it’s not true that it is a one-size-fits-all solution.
We have also found that in some instances could be easier and less expensive to do the so-called “mini-liposuction” than it is to harvest bone marrow. And this is most likely why the adipose-only clinics promote liposuction. At ProgenCell, we insist on putting the patients first – first in comfort, first in effectiveness – even if that means being called old-fashioned.
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