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ProgenCell has achieved international certification for quality

Now that the United States is starting to get into stem cell therapy, some of our patients have been choosing ProgenCell just to save a little money. We think that’s a good idea, too, but we really want our patients to choose us for our higher standard of care.
Everyone brags about their standard of care – even if they’re just resting on the laurels of the “made in the USA” trademark – but we’ve been at pains to document ours.

Are stem cell therapies the Wild West of medicine?

Since the discovery of stem cells, we have found them in a variety of places. They are found, of course, at the beginning of life as the building blocks of the embryo. But they are also found in the placenta and in the blood contained in the umbilical cord and can be harvested from these sources without creating ethical dilemmas.

Tijuana Innovadora showcases the modern Tijuana

Our image as a lawless place for underage drinking makes about as much sense as believing that Chicago is still being shot up by Al Capone’s gang. Here in the twenty-first century, Tijuana has become the high-tech crossroads for the Pacific Rim and the United States, leading the world in precision medical manufacturing as well as in cutting-edge medical attention.

ProgenCell receives IBMS Center of Healthcare Excellence Gold Certification

ProgenCell, a Stem Cell Therapy Clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico, has received IBMS Center of Healthcare Excellence Gold Certification.   This important milestone was achieved by means of a process that involved an evaluation of conformity to strict guidelines, plus the activation of a quality system.
The IBMS Center of Healthcare Excellence Gold Certification, granted by the International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS),

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