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Tijuana Innovadora showcases the modern Tijuana

Our image as a lawless place for underage drinking makes about as much sense as believing that Chicago is still being shot up by Al Capone’s gang. Here in the twenty-first century, Tijuana has become the high-tech crossroads for the Pacific Rim and the United States, leading the world in precision medical manufacturing as well as in cutting-edge medical attention.

ProgenCell receives IBMS Center of Healthcare Excellence Gold Certification

ProgenCell, a Stem Cell Therapy Clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico, has received IBMS Center of Healthcare Excellence Gold Certification.   This important milestone was achieved by means of a process that involved an evaluation of conformity to strict guidelines, plus the activation of a quality system.
The IBMS Center of Healthcare Excellence Gold Certification, granted by the International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS),