Top Tijuana Restaurants recommended by ProgenCell Staff.

Travel Blogs and rating sites sometimes just reflect the opinions of other travelers, but Tijuana Natives are more familiar with all of the city’s top restaurants. To help ProgenCell’s patients and Tijuana visitors in general, we’ve asked some of our staff members to recommend the restaurants they think visitors to Tijuana might enjoy most. The survey was conducted among our doctors, nurses, administrative and logistics, lab chemists and board of directors and we’re pretty confident in the staff’s culinary tastes. There are already some good lists on less talked about restaurants for visitors, and cheaper options. But this mini crowdsourced list pulls together some strong opinions from the ProgenCell Team.

We really hope you enjoy the list, and if you think that we are leaving some restaurant out, please feel free to add it on the comment section.

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  • Lion Fish RestaurantLion Fish. Lion Fish a Sea Food restaurant located in the heart of city (very near ProgenCell facilities) and its one of the favorites among our Clinical Case Managers. Their customer service is excellent and Paola recommends to order Fresh Ceviche Tostadas.

Address: Erasmo Castellanos 1857, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C.
Phone Number: 01 664 200 2577


  • Restaurante Los Arcos.Los Arcos. Los Arcos is one of the traditional restaurants to visit in the region. When you visit the restaurant you can see their walls with pictures of celebrities that have visit this restaurant. Lovely atmosphere, delicious food and top notch customer services makes Los Arcos one of the busiest sea food restaurants in Tijuana.

Address: Blvrd Salinas 1000, Aviacion, 22014 Tijuana, B.C.
Phone Number: 01 664 686 4757



  • Restaurante Villa MarinaVilla Marina. As you can imagine by now, we love our Sea Food in Progencell. Villa Marina has a large dining area including an outside covered patio that gets full that people are waiting. The food is very good and the service is just as good. The menu provides all your traditional Mexican favorites to include ceviche, tacos, sopes, cocktails and main seafood courses.

Address: Paseo de los Héroes 4449, Defensores de Baja California, 22320 Tijuana, B.C.
Phone Number: 01 664 973 6868



  • Restaurante El CamperoEl Campero. This is an Argentinian style Steak House & Restaurant that offers great appetizers and excellent steaks. Great food, great service with attention to detail. If you want a good steak, their beef is prime cuts , fresh and cooked to perfection. Luis Mendoza, from our Commercial Department, really insisted in including this place.

Address: Sonora 65, Chapultepec, 22020 Tijuana, B.C.
Phone Number: 01 664 625 3559



  • Alma Verde TijuanaAlma Verde. Lovely small restaurant in a side street in Tijuana. Very contemporary design. Excellent smoothies, fruit juices and other fruit and vegetable drinks.

Address: Brasil 8930, Francisco I. Madero, 22040 Tijuana, B.C.
Phone Number: 01 664 634 1716



  • KoamasKomasa. Komasa, a traditional Japanese food with a touch of Tijuana. This very popular restaurant. You can sit at the grill and watch your meal made (chicken, shrimp, beef, rice, etc), you can sit at a regular table and order anything off the menu, or you can sit at the sushi bar. Their service and food are both excellent. If you want sushi in TJ, this is the place to go.

Address: Boulevard General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada 10132, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22320 Tijuana, B.C.
Phone Number: 01 664 634 6885

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