Top Tijuana Restaurants recommended by ProgenCell Staff.

Travel Blogs and rating sites sometimes just reflect the opinions of other travelers, but Tijuana Natives are more familiar with all of the city’s top restaurants. To help ProgenCell’s patients and Tijuana visitors in general, we’ve asked some of our staff members to recommend the restaurants they think visitors to Tijuana might enjoy most. The survey was conducted among our doctors, nurses, administrative and logistics, lab chemists and board of directors and we’re pretty confident in the staff’s culinary tastes. There are already some good lists on less talked about restaurants for visitors, and cheaper options. But this mini crowdsourced list pulls together some strong opinions from the ProgenCell Team. [Read more…]

World Press Photo exhibition in Tijuana

World Press Photo Exhibition in Tijuana

Around 100 World Press Photo exhibitions are held every year to showcase the previous year’s prize-winning and news-related photographs all over the world. It’s the most popular travelling photography event, and we’re really looking forward to this year’s edition which opens on Thursday july 17th 2016 [Read more…]

UberPassport, an alternative for medical travelers

Medical Tourism TravelersToday, Uber is launching Passport, its first cross-border service, offering one way transportation from San Diego across the San Ysidro International Border to anywhere in Tijuana,  Ensenada and as far as Mexicali. [Read more…]

10 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Tijuana

healthy-gulay10 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Tijuana

Veganism is an increasingly popular method for people to achieve optimal well-being. Tijuana is home to a number of fantastic restaurants that cater to vegetarians and vegans. While traveling for a stem cell treatment at ProgenCell a healthy diet is recommended so, The Staff at ProgenCell compiled the very top 10 best vegan restaurants in Tijuana, all of them very near ProgenCell, obviously. [Read more…]

National Geographic included Tijuana in its “20 Best Trips 2016” list.

National Geographic included Tijuana in its “20 Best Trips 2016” list.

Photograph by Sandy Huffaker, Corbis

With much delight we encounter that the world renowned magazine National Geographic Traveler has included the Tijuana/San Diego Area in its 20 “Best Trips 2016” list, describing the region as “The Coolest and busiest land-border crossing in the Western Hemisphere” [Read more…]

Stem Cell Therapies at ProgenCell?


ProgenCell is a clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico, which offers stem cell treatments with effective results. Based on the potential of bone marrow or adipose derived stem cells from the same person (autologous adult stem cells), these cells regenerate damaged tissue, increases efficiency of internal organs, and brings balance to the immune system, resulting in a customized cellular therapy for each patient.

Along with a professional staff, state of the art facilities and exceptional service, we offer the opportunity to improve your medical condition by tissue regeneration at cellular levels. The use of stem cells directly from the patient, eliminates the risk of rejection and avoids negative side effects, making this therapy completely safe. It cannot make your condition any worse, it can only improve it.

The therapeutic use of autologous stem cells can be applied to a wide range of conditions: from immune dysfunction to neurodegenerative diseases, as well as specific damaged organs like heart, or articulation injuries.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and retinitis pigmentosa are the most common patients. Not so far behind, knee problems, COPD, and heart problems are also a huge part of our patient base.

Medical Tourism is growing rapidly in Tijuana, ProgenCell is becoming more and more popular, being a great option for Stem Cell treatments because complies with all current government regulation and as a comprehensive provider takes care of every patient needs while being under the treatment. From diagnostic, treatment, follow ups, medication up to travel logistics, transportation and even personal food requirements. Always giving the extra mile to go over the expectation of patients and their families.

At ProgenCell, we encourage our patients to travel for their medical needs. Thinking out of the box and moving out from their comfort zone gives, the patient a panoramic view and opens new paths and possibilities, therefore increasing the chances of better outcomes.

Many times, we face concerns from our patients about stem cells being the best option for their condition; they also tend to get anxious of traveling to another country and to another medical system. Communication is a big factor; ProgenCell assigns a personal coordinator for each patient. This case manager will take the patient thru the process of gathering his medical records, evaluation of his specific case with the medical committee, explaining their advice, explaining the treatment suggested and coordinating a call with the proper medical doctor to answer any questions. He will make sure the patient takes an informed decision and that feels comfortable with it. Then will guide to the process of scheduling, travel arrangements, personal needs, payment methods and providing an itinerary.

ProgenCell makes a big effort to deeply inform patients and their families in every way updating their website, posting testimonials into YouTube, being part of social networks, etc.
No matter what, patients are the priority. ProgenCell will go beyond to get the proper treatment for the patient. Getting the proper medication, culturing adipose stem cells, or even finding complementary treatments. Follow up post-treatment is also very important of ProgenCell’s service. After providing a customized treatment, patient will not feel alone; ProgenCell continuously makes contact to review progress, answer any questions and the doctor will be always one phone call away.

Our services are groundbreaking, stem cell protocol authorizations are not easy to get and maintain in most countries of the world. Having all the government permits and licenses to operate gives the patient a higher level of trust. Our quality assures our patients that they are getting a safe treatment, quality and sterile materials, equipment well maintained and calibrated, Staff well trained, etc. We are the only clinic providing an autologous treatment combination of hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow and mesenchymal stem cells from cultured adipose tissue. Because ProgenCell has it’s own facilities prices are very competitive, they’re incredible flexible to make it affordable. All of the above makes ProgenCell a preferred clinic for patients from countries around the world such as USA, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Japan among others.

Early 2015 started to provide cryopreservation of cultured mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue, so patients can get, down the road, subsequent treatments without the need of an invasive intervention and with much higher stem cells count. On the other hand, our Healthy-aging/anti-aging techniques are also evolving fast being more effective when combining stem cell technology with our 3-day proprietary IV infusions plan.

People shouldn’t be afraid of visiting Tijuana, or traveling to Mexico. You have to consider that mass media is a business; and as in your hometown, news that sell are those ones that show criminal activity, exceptional events, traffic, fires, tsunamis, etc. As any city, Tijuana has good things and bad news, good and bad neighborhoods, good and bad restaurants, no matter where you are: Rome, Paris, Chicago or Tijuana, you always have to be careful when you travel and be mindful when taking decisions. People get the wrong picture about Mexico by believing everything they see on the news and not considering all the good experiences many tourists had. Tijuana has a huge positive side, great medical services, great hospitality, warm and caring people, very good food, safe streets, typical shopping and a privileged geographic location.

There is always research going on at ProgenCell, we are always looking for improved therapies for a better future of our patients. Currently we are in the validation process of facial stem cells applications; we soon expect to provide a face-lift skin restoration program, with very little side effects and fast recovery with incredible long lasting anti-aging results.

Consider Stem cells as an complement therapy for you, keep in mind you are not just choosing improving your current condition, you are choosing an overall healthier body getting to a better quality of life for the years to come.

Stem cell therapy is helping professional athletes

stem cell therapy is helping professional athletes, stem cells, Tijuana, Mexico, ProgenCellOrthopedic specialists in the United States have recently been offering autologous treatments as a way of healing the injuries suffered by athletes. The goal of these treatments is to speed up recovery time by introducing the athlete’s own stem cells into areas of the body suffering from damage and chronic inflammation. These doctors are reporting success with injured football players, baseball players, and golfers.

From what we can tell, these treatments are very close to the protocols we offer at ProgenCell. We have found only three noteworthy differences between what the U.S. sports doctors are offering and what we offer.

First, stem cell therapy is very new, investigatory medicine for doctors in the U.S. They’re only just starting to practice it in Phase 2 clinical trials, with rigid protocols that mustn’t be customized to fit each patient’s particular needs. We at ProgenCell have been practicing autologous stem cell therapy for more than a decade and have formed a clear idea of how to adapt our protocols to the maximum benefit of the individual patient.

Second, the clinical trials call for a single treatment while we have learned from experience that patients respond much better from a course of three treatments delivered at four-month intervals. Each successive treatment reinforces the previous one and enables the body to produce more stem cells, and so allows the body to heal itself faster in the future as well as the present.

Third, because the treatments in the U.S. are being conducted as clinical trials, not every patient will be treated. The patient must first meet all the study’s criteria, then there must be room in the study for that patient. The waiting lists can be daunting. ProgenCell’s time-tested protocols are not limited by such experimental constraints: we’re ready to treat you right away.

If you would like immediate treatment of a sports injury, or if you would like to make yourself more resilient to future injuries, contact ProgenCell today without obligation.

What’s it like to have your bone marrow harvested?

What’s it like to have your bone marrow harvested?, stem cells, ProgenCell, Tijuana, alternative medicinePeople can be squeamish about things they’ve never experienced before, especially when it comes to medical procedures, so we’re not surprised when a prospective patient asks us about bone marrow.

The fact of the matter is that the primitive bone marrow transplantation practiced on leukemia patients a half-century ago was slow and painful. But that was an entirely different procedure than what we use at ProgenCell.

Our orthopedic surgeon, a specialist who is particularly skilled with bones, works very quickly to aspirate a very small amount of bone marrow from a single site. As a consequence, our approach is the least invasive method known. This is important for the patient’s comfort, of course, but it also has a therapeutic advantage. Since stem cells “home in” on damaged parts of the body, any wound that might be created during the harvesting lessens the effectiveness of the therapy by monopolizing stem cells that ought to be treating the patient’s condition.

Stefan Sargent, a filmmaker, was so impressed by the lack of discomfort in our harvesting process that he arranged to have a video made of his own procedure. See for yourself here.

How did medicine survive before FDA?

How did medicine survive FDA, progencell, stem cells, Tijuana

Those of us who practice on the forefront of medicine get tired of hearing advice like “Don’t trust any doctor whose treatments aren’t approved by the FDA” from bureaucrats and laymen. It’s not that we have anything against the FDA – we’re really natural allies in the advancement of medical practice because we give them discoveries that they turn into accepted procedures. What we do is the yin to the FDA’s yang: we complete one another. We would be much happier if those bureaucrats and laymen understood that our successes today are tomorrow’s FDA protocols.

Imagine what it was like in England in 1800. Almost everyone contracted smallpox and a fifth of them died of the disease. Worse still, those who were “variolated” (inoculated with smallpox as a preventative) also died of the disease. What hope would you have in that environment?

Edward Jenner inoculated people with cowpox in order to protect them from smallpox. He did this in spite of dire warnings from the Anti-Vaccination Society that his technique would produce “cowlike appendages” in his victims. Although the technique was known as early as 1765, and despite an utter lack of adverse events in Jenner’s experiments, it wasn’t until 1840 that the British equivalent of the FDA completely accepted “vaccination” (inoculation with cowpox) as a safe and effective means of suppressing smallpox.

ProgenCell’s work has paralleled Jenner’s in several ways. Like Jenner, we work with well-established discoveries. Like Jenner, we work with governmental regulatory agencies in getting our protocols accepted generally. And like Jenner, we have never had an adverse event from our work.

For those who lived in smallpox areas during Jenner’s day, it made sense to get vaccinated. For those who suffer from untreatable conditions today, it makes sense to look into autologous stem cell therapy. Find out what ProgenCell can do for your untreatable condition. Contact us today without obligation.

Tijuana is a pleasant surprise.

Tijuana is a pleasant surprise, viktordimas, stem cells, Tijuana, ProgenCell

I am very grateful to ProgenCell for giving me back the full use of my leg. About five years ago I fractured my kneecap playing volleyball in college. My orthopedic surgeon wanted to operate but he couldn’t guarantee success and even mentioned that there was a big chance that things would come out even worse than before, so I decided to let my knee heal on its own.

This has meant five years of pain and reduced mobility. During one of my periodic consultations with the orthopedic surgeon, he mentioned having read some reports in the international journals where stem cells had been used successfully. That made me curious and I started looking around the Internet to see what’s available.

What I found was confusing at first and sounded contradictory. So many kinds of stem cells and used in so many different ways! Some of the clinics that I contacted wouldn’t even give me the details of their treatments. Then a friend told me about ProgenCell and I was pleasantly surprised to learn how close they are to my home. I was able to visit them before deciding, and that helped me a lot.

My first visit to Tijuana was a real eye-opener. Not only has it become famous for stem cells, thanks to Bart Starr’s story, but it is also a very nice place to walk around. I felt safer there than I do at home. Returning home was a breeze because ProgenCell gave me a pass to a restricted car lane just for medical tourists.

I had my first treatment a couple of months ago. It took only an hour or so, which gave me plenty of free time to visit Tijuana’s colorful open-air market, its Cultural Center, and some really great restaurants. I was even able to visit an English-speaking dentist who charged me a fourth of what I would pay back home. This is not the city I used to hear about on television! My visits have been relaxing, rewarding and very interesting.

My stem cell treatment didn’t make me feel like a different person right away. My doctors told me to expect that it would take some time for the cells to work their magic. The improvement was gradual but there seems to be more movement in my knee and I’ve noticed recently that I’m not refilling my pain prescription as often as I used to. ProgenCell’s solution has been like a miracle. Thank you so much, ProgenCell. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Sandra R.

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