Meet Stan Samohin

Stan SamohinStan Stanislav Samohin is a professional Skater, who recently underwent Stem Cell Treatment at ProgenCell.

After years of damage being done to Stan’s knees due to his extremely active lifestyle and competitive Ice Skating, an MRI found some knee arthritis. Normal wear-and tear with aging or injury can cause meniscus tears, and in the case of professional athletes this risk is even greater.

While considering his knee issues, Stan learned about the possibility of stem cells and began to research. He found ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies, and a few months ago, he underwent a same-day stem cell injection on his knee, using his own bone-marrow derived stem cells. When Asked about why he came to ProgenCell Stan Mentioned:

I came here to do ProgenCell because I have a problem with my knee, I have a missing cartilage. I’ve had two knee surgeries and they didn’t help me at all. I did my own research and came here. The procedure was done, it was very quick, very simple.

Stan’s is feeling great after the procedure, and he and the doctor’s are very happy with the outcome, and he is scheduled to continue his treatment in the Fall of 2017. He added:

It’s very simple, it’s a comfortable procedure. There’s no pain involved, very minor discomfort when the procedure is done. It’s very quick, very simple procedure, I would say, meaning that it’s very quickly done. You come in and you leave soon and it’s very comfortable, so now you can walk right away after the procedure if you have any problem, and you can go about your daily excercises and activities. Of course, every patient has a different outcome.


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