Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions are based on the actual questions made by patients.  If you need further information or want to schedule an appointment, you can contact directly ProgenCell- Stem Cell Therapies. A Clinical Case Manager can take your case and guide you.

We understand better than anyone the complex situation when traveling abroad for medical treatments. Our bilingual Case Coordinators have decades of combined experience with international patients and are available to address your concerns and answer all of your questions. Here are some of the most common questions our patients ask:

How much does the treatment cost?

Every cased is evaluated individually. A Clinical Case Manager can help you open a case and if our medical committee considers that you are a good candidate, the doctors will make a treatment plan, made specifically for every case.

Why Autologous Stem Cell Treatment is better?

Autologous Stem Cell Treatment (Stem Cells for the patients own body) are the safest way to administer Stem Cells. Using Autologous Stem Cell Treatments avoid the risk of rejection and minimizes the risk of an infection.

Where is ProgenCell?

ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies is conveniently located in Tijuana, a Premium Medical Tourism Destination, just a few meters from the International Border with San Diego, California.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the use of adult stem cells to treat certain diseases. The stem cells used at ProgenCell® are derived from the participant’s own bone marrow. In general terms, stem cells are progenitor cells that lead to the creation of new cells. They are regenerative in their function; they are regenerative cells.

How many procedures are performed?

Typically, three procedures are performed. Procedures are given over a period of 1 year, one procedure every four to five months, depending on the subject’s condition and the doctor’s recommendation for the particular individual.

How long do I need to be at the clinic?

Between 3 to 6 hours, depending upon your condition./p>

Can other treatments be taken at the same time?

There are not any known contraindications for other therapies during stem cell protocol. Typically, a doctor will review what other treatments and medication the person is already taking.

What are Bone Marrow Stem cells?

Bone marrow is a specific tissue found inside bones. Its main purpose is to produce stem cells, which give rise to the various blood cell types, especially the white blood cells, the red blood cells and the platelets. Each stem cell can further form millions of stem cells. Most stem cells are found inside bones in the bone marrow of the sternum, hips, skull, upper arms and legs. If the stem cells develop into fully functional cells, they are released into the blood. A smaller number of undifferentiated stem cells are also found in the bloodstream.

Are there any known side effects to this protocol?

Participants have not reported any side effects other than discomfort at the injection site and in some cases mild headaches.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

The multidisciplinary medical committee will review the medical records. It will then take 2 to 3 days to review the records and get back to you. Then the procedure is scheduled for the next earliest available appointment. The process of scheduling takes 2 to 3 weeks, from the time of the initial contact to the date of the first procedure.

What about the ethical issues involved with stem cell therapy?

According to several religious denominations, adult stem cells from Bone Marrow are not encumbered by any ethical or moral dilemmas. Those ethical issues, which apply to fetal and embryonic stem cells do not apply to adult stem cells. The Catholic Church and other institutions have issued papers that actually encourage research on adult stem cells in the treatment of human disease, as an ethically acceptable alternative to the use of fetal and embryonic stem cells.