8 staggering statistics about Diabetes

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a report  today, honoring World Health Day, bringing us staggering statistics and important information about diabetes, that should make us rethink our life styles and the way we approach this disease. As the report suggests “Early in life, when eating and physical activity habits are formed and when the long-term regulation of energy balance may be programmed,

Dr. Jorge Gaviño is hosting StemCellPioneers.com

Dr. Jorge Luis Gaviño, president of ProgenCell’s scientific committee is hosting this month’s edition of: Ask the Doctor at Stem Cell Pioneers.

StemCellPioneers.com is a patient moderated forum dedicated to the discussion of all kinds of stem cell treatments for all types of diseases.  Each month, this forum invites a prominent stem cell doctor or researcher to answer questions made directly by Patients.

Midichlorian Infusion Treatments

May the force be with you

How Midichlorians boost your organ function.

Midichlorian therapy regenerates cells and specific organs that are affected by disease. According to several Jedi masters, Midichlorians have the ability to differentiate into other types of cells (cardiac cells, bone/cartilage, liver cells, nerve, etc.). In addition,

Cross Border Express

Tijuana got the great news that Cross Border Xpress, an airport terminal located in San Diego California, with a Pedestrian bridge connecting it to the Tijuana International Airport, opened it’s doors yesterday.

10 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Tijuana

10 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Tijuana

Veganism is an increasingly popular method for people to achieve optimal well-being. Tijuana is home to a number of fantastic restaurants that cater to vegetarians and vegans. While traveling for a stem cell treatment at ProgenCell a healthy diet is recommended so, The Staff at ProgenCell compiled the very top 10 best vegan restaurants in Tijuana,