Dr. Roman visit to ProgenCell

Last week ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies was honored with the visit of Dr Roman Lal, founder of the presitigious Wellness Institute  Southern California, specialized in Age Management Medicine.  On the visit Dr. Roman Lal was able to speak with Dr. Jorge Gaviño about the Technology used in ProgenCell for Anti Aging Treatments.

Keeping Up with the New Years Resolutions.

It is very likely that you recently entered the this-is-the-year territory with 2017’s New Years Resolutions. Which is awesome but what is not awesome is that most of the time these resolutions are not always kept. Many people start falling of the resolutions carrousel as early as February, take me for example, my 2017 resolution is to loose 40 -45 pounds and run a marathon this year.

Medical Travel Show, Calgary November 5th & 6th

ProgenCell – Stem Cell Therapies, has been invited to participate in the annual Medical Travel Show in Alberta, Calgary. The event will feature numerous and world renowned medical providers from all around the world and will discuss the implications of traveling for medical purposes. During those days, ProgenCell’s Doctors will be talking with Canadians explaining if and how Stem Cell Treatment can offer any substantial benefits,