Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulders

If you suffer from pain related to shoulder arthritis or a rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, tendenosis, or bursitis, you could benefir from Stem Cell Treatment.


The shoulder is a very complex joint, and surgery can be very difficul. The recovery from Shoulder Surgery can be extremely painful, with a long recovery period. ProgenCell’s Stem Cell Treatment for Shoulder may help aliviate shoulder pain and restore shoulder damage with simple, easy and affordable procedure.


Stem Cell Treatment for Shoulder

In ProgenCell we use Stem Cell Derived from the patients own body. For shoulders, our scientific committee recommends using Stem Cells from the Bone Marrow. In this procedure, a doctor will extract bone marrow from your hip bone. Separate the Stem Cell from it, and prepare an infusion to be injected directly to your shoulders. This procedure is done under local anesthesia. It takes only about 75 minutes.


Find out if you are a good candidate for Shoulder Stem Cell Treatment

Shoulder is a very complex area to treat with Stem Cell Therapy. Not every patient nor every injury can benefit from Stem Cell Treatment. Depending on the area on the shoulder, stem cell treatment can help you or not. This is why our medical team need to thoroughly review every case before determining if Stem Cell Treatment is right for you.

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Information: Our medical experts study your case, your current condition as well as your health history. After a full evaluation it is decided if you could be eligible to participate in this protocol, and receive cell therapy. A multidisciplinary medical committee studies your case and honestly considers your improvement potential.

After your case is evaluated, a ProgenCell staff member will contact you regarding your particular case and potential benefits. We also answer any question you may have about the procedure or the requirements to make it happen.

Plan: Once you have consented, we can plan ahead. Because of ProgenCell’s high demand, it is necessary to schedule a date for your procedure at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Exceptions can be made when the condition of the patient requires urgent care.

Conditioning and medical procedure: When your appointment is scheduled, we will assign you an agent that will become your personal assistant related to your medical procedure. This assistant will be able to help you with administrative tasks, logistics, planning your stay, communication with the medical staff, etc. Your personal agent will provide you the proper documentation to complete your medical records and will explain the informed consent. In short, we will coordinate all that’s necessary for a practical and easy stay with ProgenCell. The complete treatment – from beginning to end- will take from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the case. During your recovery time you will have access to a telephone, TV and internet.

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